ACCU 2017 Schedule

Friday 2017-04-28

Bristol 1 Bristol 2 Bristol 3 Empire SS Great Britain


AI: Actual Intelligence

Fran Buontempo




The missing piece of the continuous integration puzzle - what to do with all those test failures?

Greg Law
(slides) / (video)

Requirement: Creativity

Dirk Haun
(slides) / (video)

Passwords. Are. Not. Hard!

Dom Davis

Efficient data aggregation with Fenwick trees

Ahto Truu
(slides) / (video)

Machine Learning with Python Case Study

Christopher Simons
Pedro Ferreira

Named parameters

Odin Holmes

Missing Optimizations on Node-based Containers

Elliot Goodrich
(slides) / (video)

Introduction to Intel SGX

Samathy Barratt

Intro to TDD and BDD

Seb Rose
(slides) / (video)

LLVM C/C++ compiler frontend in Java

Petr Kudriavtsev
Vladimir Voskresensky
(slides) / (video)

Easy High Constancy

Sergey Nepomnyachiy
(slides) / (video)

Design and Evolution of cyber-dojo

Jon Jagger
(slides) / (video)

Contracts programming after C++17

J Daniel Garcia
(slides) / (video)

ACCU - The View From The Conference

Nigel Lester




Automatic C++ source code generation with clang

Sergei Sadovnikov
(slides) / (video)

Using Trompeloeil, a mocking framework for modern C++

Björn Fahller
(slides) / (video)

Mastering Git’s index

Charles Bailey
(slides) / (video)

History of Time: Asynchronous C++

Steven Simpson
(slides) / (video)

Introduction to Blockchain technology, and how to build something useful with it

Paul Cunnell




5 years creating FOSS dev tools for C and C++: the untold

Diego Rodriguez-Losada

Coroutines and C++ DSLs for Human Scale Concurrency

Dominic Robinson

The Ethics of Software - some practical considerations

Burkhard Kloss
(slides) / (video)

Improving Sense of Smell for Low-Level Debugging

Matthew Dodkins
(slides) / (video)

POSIX violates core guidelines: A new take on the operating system interface

Ingve Vormestrand




Lightning Talks (40 mins)


Conference Supper (19:30 for drinks, 20:00 service)

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