• September's C Vu Journal has been published.
    8 September 2023

    The September 2023 ACCU C Vu journal has been published and should arrive at members' addresses in the next few days. C Vu 35-4 and previous issues of C Vu can be accessed via the Journals menu (ACCU members only).

  • Videos from ACCU 2023 have been posted.
    11 August 2023

    Videos of sessions from the ACCU 2023 Conference have been posted to YouTube.

    Videos can be found on the ACCU YouTube channel.

    Links to the videos can be found on the ACCU website under the Videos menu drop-down; the ACCU Conference Videos page.

  • August's Overload Journal has been published.
    9 August 2023

    The August 2023 ACCU Overload journal has been published and should arrive at members' addresses in the next few days. Overload 176 and previous issues of Overload can be accessed via the Journals menu.

  • Ongoing Site Changes
    9 August 2023

    As you have no doubt already seen, there is a new feature on ACCU's website - a privacy pop-up with options to accept non-essential cookies containing personal data and the sharing of your IP address.

    The pop-up is required by the EU's GDPR, which mandates that web site users have the ability to affirmatively opt-in to process their personal data.

    A new requirement, as found by a German court (LG München I, Endurteil v. 20.01.2022 – 3 O 17493/20) prohibits a website from sharing a user's IP address without the user's permission. Accepting the sharing of your IP address will restore the thumbnails on the video pages, and some book covers on older reviews.

    ACCU's new Cookie Policy can be found here. ACCU's Privacy Policy can be found here. Both are accessible via links on the pop-up. You may change your permissions at any time through the button at the top of the Cookie Policy page.

  • A Special General Meeting has been called.
    9 August 2023

    A Special General Meeting (SGM) has been called for the purpose of electing a Secretary. The meeting will be held on September 10, 2023. More details will be forthcoming and will be found on the website's AGM page (login required).

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Latest Journal

C Vu cover
C Vu Volume 35 · Issue 4 · September 2023


  • Not What It Says On The Tin
  • Are the Old Ways Sometimes the Best?
    Roger Orr compares the ‘classic C++’ and ‘modern’ ways of solving various programming tasks.
  • The Meaning of Words: Artificial Intelligence
    Francis Glassborow dissects this common term before consulting an expert.
  • The Standard Report
    Guy Davidson brings the latest news about the C++ standard.
  • Code Critique Competition 143
    Set and collated by Roger Orr. A book prize is awarded for the best entry.
  • Report on Homework Challenge 17
    Francis Glassborow reviews the previous challenge and sets a new one.
  • Reviews
    The latest roundup of reviews.
  • View from the Chair

The latest Overload is Overload 176. Further details of our journals are available here.

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