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To me, one of the hallmarks of good programming is that the code looks so simple that you are tempted to dismiss the skill of the author. Writing good clean understandable code is hard work whatever language you are using -- Francis Glassborow

ACCU is an organisation for anyone interested in developing and improving programming skills.

ACCU welcomes everyone who is interested in any programming language. ACCU supports its members by hosting mailing lists, running a yearly conference, publishing journals and organising online study groups.
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Latest Journal

CVu cover

C Vu Volume 29 · Issue 6 · January 2018


  • Editorial: Know It All
    Steve Love, Features Editor.
  • Visualisation of Multidimensional Data
    Frances Buontempo considers how to represent large data sets.
  • Testing Times (Part 1)
    Pete Goodliffe explores how to test code to ensure it works as expected.
  • Programmers’ Puzzles
    Francis Glassborow shares the results of the previous puzzle and outlines the next.
  • Code Critique Competition 109
    The results from the last competition and the details of the latest.
  • Standards Report
    Emyr Williams updates us on the latest in C++ standardisation.
  • Book Review
    The latest book review.
  • Members
    Information from the Chair on ACCU's activities.

The latest Overload is Overload 142. Further details of our journals are available here.