ACCU Local and Affiliated Groups

Local Groups

ACCU has local groups in the UK and the rest of the world. Local groups of ACCU members hold regular meetings which take the form of presentations or discussions about all things software related.

For members interested in starting a local group, there is a starter kit (requires member login).

More information about ACCU local groups:

Follow @accuBristol ACCU Bristol & Bath Meetup Contact
Follow @ACCU_Cambridge ACCU Cambridge Meetup Contact
Contact through facebook
Follow @accuLondon ACCU London Meetup Contact
Follow @accuOxford ACCU Oxford Meetup
past meetings
Follow @accuYork ACCU York Meetup Contact

Affiliated Groups

In addition to ACCU local groups, we also support affilidated groups. These are existing, established meet-ups or other form of user-group, that are well aligned with the ACCU, but are managed and directed independently. As an organisation, ACCU offers such groups a number of benefits (more details here, including being listed below:

Follow @CppLondon C++ London Meetup Contact
poc C++ London
Follow {040CODERS} {040CODERS} Meetup Contact
Follow Cpp Bay Area Cpp Bay Area Meetup Contact
Cpp Bay Area Discord

Page last changed 23 March 2023.

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