ACCU 2016 Schedule

Friday 2016-04-22

Bristol 1 Bristol 2 Bristol 3 Empire SS Great Britain


Balancing Bias in Software Development

Marian Petre




Constant Fun

Dietmar Kühl
(slides) / (video)

Benchmarking in C++

Nikos Athanasiou

Visualize Template Instantiations - Understand your Template Bugs

Peter Sommerlad
(slides) / (video)

What Every C++ Programmer Should Know About Modern Compilers

Sławomir Zborowski
(slides) / (video)

Managing C++ Build Complexity Using Cuppa: A SCons-based Build System

Jamie Allsop
(slides) / (video)

Elegant Filesystem Interactions in Python using pathlib

Johan Herland
(slides) / (video)

Rewrite without Rewriting

Jim Hague

Without Warning: Keeping the Noise Down in Legacy Code Builds

Guy Bolton King
(slides) / (video)

Writing Libraries is Terrible

David R MacIver

A Meta-pipeline for Generating Continuous Delivery Pipelines for Microservices

Hilverd Reker
Steve Freeman

Code History Analysis and Visualization

Dmitry Kandalov




STL Algorithms – How to Use Them and How to Write Your Own

Marshall Clow
(slides) / (video)

Declarative Thinking, Declarative Practice

Kevlin Henney
(slides) / (video)

Property Based Testing Hands-on in Haskell or Javascript

Willem van den Ende
Marc Evers

"Where xDD went wrong", "Some more of xDD’s greatest mistakes", and "What is this xDD thing anyway?"

Seb Rose

Snowden and the Snoopers – a.k.a. One persons’s surveillance state is another’s sensible precaution

Burkhard Kloss




Become a GDB Power User

Greg Law
(slides) / (video)

Improving Performance and Maintainability in Modern C++

J Daniel Garcia

Property Based Testing Hands-on in Haskell or Javascript

Willem van den Ende
Marc Evers

Go! Steady. Ready?

Thomas Guest

Software Architecture: Living Structure, Art or Just Hopeful Arrangements of Bytes?

Charles Tolman




Lightning Talks


Conference Supper

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