Overload Journal 136 - December 2016

  • Overload 136 PDF

  • Overload 136 ePub

  • The Font of Wisdom  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    The choice of typeface can convey a tone. Frances Buontempo considers the plethora of dilemmas this presents.

  • The MirAL Story  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths
    The X-Windows system is all-pervasive but struggles with security and performance graphics. Alan Griffiths introduces Mir Abstraction Layer to deal with these issues.

  • Overloading with Concepts  WEB  PDF
    By Andrew Sutton
    Concepts can play a role in function overloading. Andrew Sutton shows us how.

  • Ultra-fast Serialization of C++ Objects  WEB  PDF
    By Sergey Ignatchenko
    Serialising and de-serialising is a common problem. Sergey Ignatchenko and Dmytro Ivanchykhin demonstrate one way to do this quickly.

  • Modern C++ Features: User-Defined Literals  WEB  PDF
    By Arne Mertz
    User-defined literals were introduced in C++11. Arne Mertz walks us through their use.

  • Python Streams vs Unix Pipes  WEB  PDF
    By Thomas Guest
    Dealing with an infinite sequence requires some thought. Thomas Guest presents various ways to approach such a problem.

  • Letter  WEB  PDF
    By Silas S. Brown
    Silas S. Brown comments on Steve Love’s recent article.

  • Hello World in Go  WEB  PDF
    By Eleanor McHugh
    Go provides a way to write efficient concurrent programs in a C-like language. Eleanor McHugh shares a "Hello, world!" tutorial.

  • Afterwood  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Oldwood
    One JavaScript module was removed and every Node.js build was knocked for six. Chris Oldwood fictionalises the tale.

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