What Has C++20 Ever Done For Templates?

What Has C++20 Ever Done For Templates?

11:00 - 12:30 Friday 8th April 2022 BST



The answer is a lot! There are some smaller features like more possibilities for non-type template parameters
(literal class types and floating points are now possible) and lambda expressions now allow template type parameters in their definition.
But the biggest feature is clearly concepts which allow us to easily define requirements on template arguments which are enforced by the compiler.

This talk will give a tour of the new features of templates in C++20 and will discuss how the new features work and what they can be used for.


Hendrik Niemeyer

Hendrik is a C developer and works on software for analysis of pipeline inspection results. This includes topics like machine learning, + numerical mathematics and distributed computing. Before this he completed his PhD in physics at the University of Osnabrück with a thesis about quantum mechanics and + numerical simulations where he got to know and and love programming and complex, mathematical tasks. + His favorite programming languages, in which he also has the most experience, are C and Rust. He describes himself as a "learning enthusiast"
who always gets absorbed in trying out new things. Therefore, he values being up to date with programming languages
and using the latest features of them in a meaningful way.

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