The Power of Clean Code

The Power of Clean Code

13:00 - 13:45 Thursday 7th April 2022 BST

As developers, we carry great responsibility to not only keep our code functional but also clean. But is the process of keeping your code free of issues too overwhelming? Is the constant rework lowering your productivity and stealing time from interesting work? And is your team even on the same page when it comes to delivering toward a common clean code metric?

If these problems resonate with you, we think we can help. Come learn more about Clean Code—why it’s important for your individual and organizational success and how source code can continue to be your most valuable asset. Through some interesting C++ code examples, we’ll demonstrate how you and your team can define your own delivery quality and systematically Clean as You Code—a practice everyone can start using today. You’ll be sure to leave with some valuable insights and a new way of looking at high-quality code delivery; with no disruption to your established workflows.

Geoffray Adde

Geoffray has been a C developer in a variety of contexts: scientific calculus, power production optimization, distributed data storage systems, HFT. In the last years, he has been contributing to the development of the C and C static code analyzer at SonarSource. Now he is focusing on how to bring the best value to the C and C++ developers with SonarSource as a Product Manager.

Olivier Gaudin

Olivier is the CEO and co-founder of SonarSource, the company behind the open source platform Sonar.

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