The Genius of RISC-V Microprocessors

The Genius of RISC-V Microprocessors

11:30 - 13:00 Saturday 9th April 2022 BST



RISC-V has been called the Linux of microprocessors, but RISC-V is a lot more than an open instruction-set architecture. It is also a radical departure from established industry conventions.

We will delve into what makes the RISC-V design profoundly different from other industry standards such as x86 and ARM and how that translates into significant advantages in the design of embedded systems as well as specialized hardware for tasks such as high-performance computing and machine learning.


Erik Engheim

Erik is a principal consultant who got started with Amiga Basic and 68K Assembly back in the late 80s and early 90s. He has since been programming in every possible language from AVR Assembly to Go, Swift and Julia.

Erik is a book author, video course creator, and regular writer at Medium about almost anything from programming, rocket engines, space colonization, technology, UX, cryptocurrency, and history to calculating airship lifting capacity.

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