Neotron – writing a single-tasking ‘DOS’ for Arm microcontrollers, in Rust

Neotron – writing a single-tasking ‘DOS’ for Arm microcontrollers, in Rust

14:00 - 15:30 Friday 8th April 2022 BST




After some moderate success squeezing almost an entire 'home computer' into a simple Cortex-M microcontroller with 32K of RAM, it was time to step back and take stock. What makes a 'computer' into a 'platform', and what can we learn from the past? This is one person’s attempt to produce a usable computer than any one single person could understand in its entirety - take a walk through OS history, and learn what makes Neotron OS quite unlike a typical embedded operating system.


Jonathan Pallant

Embedded Systems Engineer with nearly two decades of experience designing, testing and debugging embedded systems. Provider of Rust, C and Embedded training. Specialist in Embedded Rust.

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