Measuring the Overhead of iostreams

Measuring the Overhead of iostreams

What Is the Difference?

14:25 - 14:45 Thursday 7th April 2022 BST


We all know the C++ iostreams' cin and cout objects by default synchronize with the corresponding C stdio streams and with each other. Recently I had a reason to measure the performance hit caused by the overhead. In this short talk I report on the simple test harness I set up and the results I got. Perhaps the results are useful to someone in the audience. More likely, I’ll learn from the audience how to improve my test harness.


Ahto Truu

During his three decades in the ICT industry, Ahto has worked in hardware installations and user support, as a software developer and architect, as a systems analyst and research engineer. Currently he is busy helping Guardtime’s customers preserve the integrity of their important data. Outside his day job he organizes programming competitions for Estonia’s high school students. He has also taught programming classes and written programming columns for local popular science magazines.

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