Diversity Is Too Important to Be Left to Women

Diversity Is Too Important to Be Left to Women

09:00 - 10:30 Thursday 7th April 2022 BST

Computing is a field that’s dominated by particular demographics. It’s also a field that is shaping the future of …​ well, everything.

Are we, as a discipline, happy for this to be the case? If not, are we doing everything we can to shift the dial towards under-represented groups?

Maybe women aren’t employed in tech because they’re not qualified, or not interested, or (gasp!) not talented.

This talk will take a critical look at the tech talent pipeline (a popular metaphor for the gender imbalance in tech), the current picture, and actions we can take that might change the status quo. We all know there are no silver bullets, but we might be able to make some incremental changes which shift things in the right direction.

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