Crowd Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

Crowd Your Way Out of a Paper Bag

14:30 - 16:00 Saturday 9th April 2022 BST


Starting with a brief recap of cellular automata, who blindly follow rules, and swarms, which follow rules but influence each other, we will then explore agents, who can have an agenda.
These can be applied in practical situations, such as crowd simulations, allowing us to plot where to put coffee and biscuits in a room.
We will learn a little maths and stats on the way, seeing simulations of blobs moving round and escaping paper bags.
Attendees will come away with ideas to try out for themselves. Furthermore, attendees will

  • learn how randomness allows learning and exploration

  • gain some background on AI and machine learning

  • learn tips for navigating round space in real life (via a simulation)


Frances Buontempo

Frances Buontempo is currently editor of the ACCU’s Overload magazine and has written a book on Genetic Algorithms and Machine Learning []

She has worked as a programmer at various companies, mostly in London with a focus on finance. She enjoys testing and deleting code and tries to keep on learning.

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