ACCU 2022 Call for Papers

By Felix Petriconi | 14 October 2021

The Call for Papers is open and you are welcome to submit your proposals through our new submission system.

We are currently planning the next ACCU 2022 spring conference as a hybrid event. So it will take place at the Marriott hotel in Bristol, UK and in the internet.

The ACCU 2022 conference will be from 2022-04-06 to 2022-04-09, with a pre-conference workshops on 2022-04-05.

We are starting the Call for Papers now!

If you are new to submitting sessions for ACCU conferences, you may want to read the ACCU conference section on ACCU Conference. It explains the types of session that can be submitted. It also has links to all the details about presenter deals.

So in order to submit a proposal you will need to go to submission system

Unless you are already logged in, this takes you to the sign-up/login page. You will need to sign up first so that you can then login and start submitting proposals.

The Call for Papers is open until 5th November 2021 at 23:59:59 GMT. As ever there will be no extension of the deadline, and we do not take late submissions.

If you have any questions or problems please do not hesitate to email the Conference Chair.

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