About ACCU Conferences

Historically, ACCU conferences have a lot of C++ and C content, and is proud of that: ACCU is the foremost annual conference for people interested in C++ and C, at least in and around the UK. But it is not just a C++ and C conference, ACCU conferences are about programming in whatever language people are using, with whatever tools and processes people are using. D, Chapel, Java, Kotlin, C#, F#, Groovy, Rust, Go, Python, Ruby, and Lisp are just a few programming languages about which there have been sessions at ACCU conferences. Git, Mercurial, CMake, Meson, TDD, BDD, and many other softare development tools and techniques have been the focus of sessions at ACCU conferences. ACCU conferences look for sessions that will be interesting to people who create software.

ACCU conferences have:

  • 90 minute sessions

    • 75 minute presentation with 15 minutes questions and answers

  • 20 minute sessions, 15 minute presentation and 5 minutes questions and answers.

  • Full day (6 hour with breaks) pre-conference workshops.

There are also lightning talk sessions; but, as ever, these are organised at the conference.

When the call for session proposals for an ACCU conference is open, details of the session and the presenters are submitted via the Firebird Web application. Details of the exact URL for submission will be found on the conference specific website. Each ACCU conference will have lead presenter deals. Again details will be found on the appropriate conference specific website.


The main ACCU Conference web site is here.

The general ACCU conference latest news/blog is here – this will be news not specific to a given conference. Each conference specific website also has a latest news/blog; for details see the conference specific website.

There is an ACCUConf YouTube channel which is here.

There is an @ACCUConf Twitter account and #ACCUConf is used as the hashtag.

The ACCU conference code of conduct is here.


ACCU Conferences are organised by Archer Yates Associates and a ACCU Conference Programme Committee (on behalf of ACCU).

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