Overload Journal 65 - February 2005

  • Overload 65 PDF

  • Editorial: "They" Have Their Reasons  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths

  • The Developer's New Work  WEB  PDF
    By Allan Kelly

  • Stable Intermediate Forms  WEB  PDF
    By Kevlin Henney

  • Multiple Streams Going Nowhere  WEB  PDF
    By Paul Grenyer
    Source: C++ output streams ostream

  • Letters: Encapsulate Context  WEB  PDF
    By Alan Griffiths

  • From Waterfall to EVO in a Medium Size Norwegian Software House  WEB  PDF
    By Trond Johansen
    FIRM was established in 1996, and has 70 employees in 4 offices (Oslo, London, New York and San Francisco). FIRM delivers one software product: Confirmit. Confirmit is a web-based application which enables organizations to gather, analyze and report key business information across a broad range of commercial applications.

  • C++ Properties - a Library Solution  WEB  PDF
    By Lois Goldthwaite

  • C Abuse  WEB  PDF
    By Thaddaeus Frogley

  • A Pair Programming Experience  WEB  PDF
    By Randall W. Jensen

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