Overload Journal 31 - April 1999

  • Using Templates To Handle Multi-Threading  WEB
    By Allan Kelly

  • copy_on_write_ptr  WEB
    By Jon Jagger

  • Thoughts on Functoids  WEB
    By Richard Blundell

  • Response To "Patterns - The Abstract Factory" (Francis Glassborow, Overload 30)  WEB
    By Chris Southern

  • Objects In Databases  WEB
    By Seb Rose

  • Goodbye Overload  WEB
    By Alan Griffiths

  • Fitting in with multiple frameworks in C++ and Java  WEB
    By Alan Griffiths

  • Factories in C++: Disposing of the Product  WEB
    By Mark Radford

  • Exception Handling Alternatives (Part 2)  WEB
    By Detlef Vollmann

  • Editorial  WEB
    By Einar Nilsen-Nygaard

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