Goodbye Overload

Goodbye Overload

By Alan Griffiths

Overload, 7(31):, April 1999

As the C++ organiser on the committee I generally don't have a lot to do - currently the only activity of the SIG is to produce its journal Overload . This I happily delegate to John Merrells who does an excellent job.

However, as you will be aware there are some changes afoot in the area of the ACCU journals. In part these are instigated by Francis's imminent retirement as C Vu editor, but also by a feeling that Overload has outgrown the C++ SIG. As indeed the original Borland C++ SIG outgrew the Borland compiler.

There has been an increasing amount of non-C++ material in Overload . In addition the current editor, the previous editor, many contributors, and the committee feel that opening Overload to more general "professional software engineering" material is a move the correct direction. This is hard to justify within its current remit as the journal of the C++ SIG.

As the C++ SIG organiser I have been tasked to present the solution favoured by the committee. This is for the C++ SIG (and also the Acorn SIG) to cease publishing a journal. Overload will continue to exist, but will become the responsibility of the publications editor and no longer be constrained by its C++ origins.

As the C++ SIG will no longer distribute a journal the cost of membership will become nothing - since the SIG won't have any activities that need to be paid for. However subscription to Overload will be charged independently. Look out for the changes to the membership renewal form.

On behalf of the C++ SIG "goodbye Overload and good luck!"

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