Overload Journal 3 - August 1993

  • Editor's Ramble  WEB
    By Mike Toms

  • Welcome to ECUG  WEB
    By Francis Glassborow

  • Minimising Stack Use and Other Uses of new  WEB
    By Francis Glassborow

  • C++ Strings -The ANSI Way  WEB
    By Mike Toms

  • Managing Class Coupling  WEB
    By Frederic H. Wild III

  • Custom Controls  WEB
    By Mike Toms

  • Windows File Class  WEB
    By Ian Horwill

  • Class Struggle  WEB
    By Mike Toms

  • Unit Testing Of C++ Classes  WEB
    By IPL Limited

  • Uses of Classes with only Private and Protected Constructors  WEB
    By Francis Glassborow

  • A Short Exposure to C++  WEB
    By Graham Short

  • Readers Letters  WEB
    By Mike Toms

  • Epilogue  WEB
    By Mike Toms

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