Editor's Ramble

Editor's Ramble

By Mike Toms

Overload, 1(3):, August 1993

On the way back from Soft Dev 93, Francis warned me that some of the Overload membership would be complaining that they did not have a time-machine available. Thoroughly puzzled by this, Francis explained that one of the news items in the second edition was out of date as the magazines went to post. I apologise for such an oversight; had the magazine gone out on time all would have been well.

I have to apologise for the C++ source of help not on last disk and, as a space saving measure, I merged the help and protogen example, but forgotten to tell anyone about it. -Slapped wrist.

One thing that would be of help to me would be that anyone writing to me should mark their letters "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" if they do not wish to see their correspondence in Overload. Most of the letters I receive, I can easily deduce if they were intended for publication or not, however, there are a few I'm not to sure about. In future, I will be assuming that unless otherwise marked, all material is offered for publication.

I would like to extend a welcome to all the E.C.U.G. Members; I hope you will participate in supplying articles, comments and suggestions for future issues of Overload. I realise that our current offering still has a Borland bias, but as our current membership already knows we are looking to cover all aspects of C++ in the future editions, and to cover topics from C++ programming techniques, standards, tools and methodologies. The user group magazine is here to provide a service to members by other members. In order to achieve this we need contributions of articles, requests for information that other members may be able to provide, programming idioms, interesting concepts or just perplexing idiosyncrasies of the language.

Francis is about to start a campaign for quality coding in the C Vu magazine, if anyone has any ideas, could you pass them on to him.

I desperately need people who can write articles, or contribute part of an article, or to assist with the coding and testing of other peoples ideas. I also need volunteers to help with reviews of products and books. I seem to be getting a backlog of review material. Is there anybody willing to volunteer as an assistant for William Anderson to help field enquiries about Overload. Ideally the volunteer would have access to a modem and be a member of Internet or CompuServe.

Speaking of the disk. You will not have a disk in this edition, but don't panick it will follow. Our membership has grown from about 80 (for which I could just about manage disk production) to nearly 380 (which I cannot manage). Alternative means of disk copying means that, for this issue only, they follow later.

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