Overload Journal 168 - April 2022

  • Overload 168 PDF

  • Overload 168 ePub

  • On Becoming Unstuck  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    The horsemen of the apocalypse may be on the horizon. Frances Buontempo attempts to stop doom-scrolling and solve problems instead.

  • Taming Wordle with the Command Line  WEB  PDF
    By James Handley
    Could static analysis provide a generic way to approach Wordle? James Handley uses simple command line tools in order to (hopefully) name that Wordle in four!

  • C++20: A Coroutine Based Stream Parser  WEB  PDF
    By Andreas Fertig
    Stream parsing code can be very complicated. Andreas Fertig uses coroutines to make stream parsing code clearer.

  • Structured Concurrency in C++  WEB  PDF
    By Lucian Radu Teodorescu
    Raw threads tend to be unstructured. Lucian Radu Teodorescu applies principles from Structured Programming to concurrency.

  • The Vector Refactored  WEB  PDF
    By Teedy Deigh
    Finding the right level of abstraction can be challenging. Teedy Deigh razes the level of abstraction.

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