Overload Journal 160 - December 2020

  • Overload 160 PDF

  • Overload 160 ePub

  • Debt – My First Thirty Years  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    Reflecting on code often reveals gnarliness. Frances Buontempo reminds herself about all the tech debt she’s ever caused.

  • Questions on the Form of Software  WEB  PDF
    By Lucian Radu Teodorescu
    Writing software can be difficult. Lucian Teodorescu considers whether these difficulties are rooted in the essence of development.

  • Building g++ From the GCC Modules Branch  WEB  PDF
    By Roger Orr
    Using the WSL to build the g++ modules branch. Roger Orr demonstrates how to get a compiler that supports modules up and running.

  • Consuming the uk-covid19 API  WEB  PDF
    By Donald Hernik
    Covid-19 data is available in many places. Donald Hernik demonstrates how to wrangle data out of the UK API.

  • What is the Strict Aliasing Rule and Why Do We Care?  WEB  PDF
    By Anonymous
    Type Punning, Undefined Behavior and Alignment, Oh My! Strict aliasing is explained.

  • Afterwood  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Oldwood
    Design Patterns emerged last century. Chris Oldwood explains why he thinks they are still relevant.

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