Overload Journal 127 - June 2015

  • Overload 127 PDF

  • Overload 127 ePub

  • Editorial: A little more conversation, a little less action  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    A tension exists between talking and doing. Frances Buontempo wonders which matters more.

  • Meet the Social Side of Your Codebase  WEB  PDF
    By Adam Tornhill
    Programming requires collaboration. Adam Tornhill suggests some ways to uncover communication paths in your organisation.

  • Mocks are Bad, Layers are Bad  WEB  PDF
    By Andy Balaam
    Many people use mocks in their unit tests. Andy Balaam asks if there’s a better way.

  • Non-Superfluous People: Architects  WEB  PDF
    By Sergey Ignatchenko
    No developer is an island. Sergey Ignatchenko continues his series of non-superfluous people by looking at the role of architects.

  • Terse Exception Messages  WEB  PDF
    By Chris Oldwood
    Log files often contain ‘error’ information. Chris Oldwood suggests they rarely contain anything that could be considered helpful.

  • Get Debugging Better!  WEB  PDF
    By Jonathan Wakely
    The GNU debugger has several useful features you may not know. Jonathan Wakely shows us how to save time and pain with some simple tricks.

  • Make and Forward Consultables and Delegates  WEB  PDF
    By Nicolas Bouillot
    Sometimes forwarding to a contained object requires lots of boilerplate code. Nicolas Bouillot introduces consultables and delegates to automate this.

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