Overload Journal 126 - April 2015

  • Overload 126 PDF

  • Overload 126 ePub

  • Where was I?  WEB  PDF
    By Frances Buontempo
    Space and time are relative. Frances Buontempo wonders whether this will wash as an excuse for another lack of editorial.

  • Non-Superfluous People:  WEB  PDF
    By Sergey Ignatchenko
    UX Specialists User experience specialists are sometimes regarded as superfluous people. Sergey Ignatchenko demonstrates why they can be vital.

  • Alternatives to Singletons and Global Variables  WEB  PDF
    By Bob Schmidt
    Global variables and Singletons are usually considered bad. Bob Schmidt summarises some alternatives.

  • Resource Management with Explicit Template Specializations  WEB  PDF
    By Pavel Frolov
    RAII is a useful idiom. Pavel Frolov presents a powerful extension using explicit template specialization.

  • Variadic and Variable Templates  WEB  PDF
    By Peter Sommerlad
    C++11 and 14 offer new features for Variadic and Variable templates. Peter Sommerlad showcases the compile-time possibilities they offer.

  • iterator_pair - A Simple and Useful Iterator Adapter  WEB  PDF
    By Vladimir Grigoriev
    Can you form a new container from two others? Vladimir Grigoriev reminds us how to write an iterator.

  • Seeing the Wood for the Trees  WEB  PDF
    By Teedy Deigh
    The outdoors is fabled to be great. Teedy Deigh suggests your code reflects your environment without ever having to look out of the window.

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