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"Professionalism in Programming"

ACCU is an international community of programmers with a passion for improving the quality of software at all stages of the development process.

ACCU is a non-profit organisation that is run by and for members, with officers of the association being unpaid volunteers. We use the word “professional” in our slogan to denote competence, skill and ability.

Although based in the UK, we have members in the US, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Australia.

Our community includes professional programmers, designers, architects and managers; the suppliers of compilers; those just interested in the languages; and anyone seeking to improve their programming skills. We therefore serve both those who earn a living programming in these languages as well as students, amateurs, and “hobbyist” programmers who aspire to write bug-free, compact and well-structured code.

Although centred around the “curly bracket languages;” ACCU's interest extends far beyond this. ACCU is heavily involved in the international standardisation of the C and C++ languages.

ACCU is a renowned and highly regarded organisation. Our advertising facilities provide access to a targeted group of advanced and professional software developers.


ACCU runs an annual conference with speakers from around the world (whose numbers include Bjarne Stroustrup, Herb Sutter, Jim Coplien and Andrei Alexandrescu). These have seen presentations on C, C++, C#, D, Java, Ruby, Python, games/graphics, Perl, and more. Sponsors have included Bloomberg, Mosaic, Undo and Aston Carter. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a sponsor.

Discussion Groups

Study groups are set up by ACCU members to learn or improve some software development skill - coding skills, team leadership, mentoring, analysis and design, specification, or any other aspect of software development. There's no fixed format for a study project.

ACCU also provides a number of mail lists in which members can ask questions and share ideas.


ACCU publishes a pair of paper-based periodicals, which are written and edited by members, for members; by programmers, for programmers. Each of these publications is open for advertisements, most notably with full colour cover positions.


C Vu is the main ACCU publication.

  • Published every two months.
  • Standard A4-size, saddle stitched.
  • Glossy colour front and back covers.
  • Mono pages.
  • Typically 24 pages of articles, letters, book reviews, opinion and news.
  • Distribution: available to each ACCU member; multiple copies (minimum 5) to corporate members.

Regular columns include:

  • Editorial and association information.
  • Professionalism in programming.
  • Code critique.
  • Book reviews.


Overload is ACCU's advanced journal.

  • Industry-recognized, peer-reviewed journal.
  • Published every two months.
  • Standard A4-size, saddle stitched.
  • Glossy colour front and back covers.
  • Mono pages.
  • Typically 20 pages of editorial and articles.
  • Distribution: About 95% of ACCU members.


ACCU recently re-launched its website at which carries the following sections:

  • FAQs - what ACCU is about, and how to join.
  • Conferences - upcoming conferences, and archives of prior conferences.
  • Videos - selected video of past conference sessions.
  • Journals - featuring all editions of Overload since 1998.
  • Reviews - an indexed resource of all the reviews published in C Vu.
  • Local Groups - a directory of ACCU local groups and affiliated groups.
  • Members' area, containing the C Vu archive and mailing list archives.


As of January 2023, there are over 450 individual members and 13 corporate members.

The typical ACCU member:

  • authorises/recommends the purchase of programming products;
  • has been programming for 7 years or more;
  • is broadly knowledgeable (most code in at least three languages).

Why are they in ACCU?

  • ACCU provides high quality focused publications, answering questions relevant to their day-to-day work.

ACCU membership is cross-continental.

  • The majority by far are UK residents.
  • We have members in over 40 other countries world-wide including in the US, Canada, Europe, Russia, Middle East and Australia.

Why are they important to you?

  • Many ACCU members are decision makers in their organisations.
  • Advertising with ACCU provides a large, targeted audience of advanced programmers.



The current ACCU advertising rates are summarised in the table below:

1 month 3 months 6 months 12 months
1/4 page Black & White £10 £30 £60 £120
1/2 page Black & White £20 £60 £120 £240
Full page Black & White £40 £120 £240 £480
Full page Colour £85 £250 £500 £1000

Advertisements are available in full colour for

  • Inside Front Cover
  • Inside Back Cover
  • Outside Back Cover

Please note, ACCU is not VAT registered.

Advertising Specifications

Mechanical data

ACCU accepts journal advertisements in electronic form.

It is possible to bleed off the page; otherwise a 10mm margin is suggested.

Page and image sizes are as described in the Advertising Rates section.

For shipping addresses please contact

Distribution deadlines

Please contact us for details.

For C Vu/Overload advertisement copy must be delivered 10 days prior to the distribution deadline.

The advertisement must be booked at least 14 days prior to the distribution deadline.


ACCU will not accept advertising that is in any way contrary to our values as set forth in our Diversity Statement and Code of Conduct; accordingly, ACCU reserves the right to reject, or require changes to, any advertisement submitted for publication in our magazines.

To download a PDF version of the media pack, please click here.

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