About ACCU

ACCU is an organisation for anyone interested in developing and improving programming skills.

ACCU welcomes everyone who is interested in any programming language. ACCU supports its members by hosting mailing lists, running a yearly conference, publishing journals and organising online study groups. And there's our fine collection of book and other reviews.

ACCU is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers from the membership. Join now and start participating.

Brief Background

The C Users Group (UK) or CUG(UK), was formed in 1987 as an informal group for those who had an interest in the C language and related topics such as operating systems, language compilers and other types of work usually done in C.

In 1993 the European C++ User Group (ECUG) merged with the C Users Group (UK) and the organisation continued as Association of C and C++ Users.

In the following years the interests of the members continued to grow into other languages, design, process and related subjects. In 2003 the acronym ACCU was adopted as the public name of the group removing the language specificity to embrace the wide range of interests of the members of the association.

Over the years a number of members have been actively involved in the standardisation of various programming languages such as C and C++; ACCU has also provided support for this activity by sponsoring meetings and assisting with hosting C++ ISO standards meetings.

Wikipedia entry on ACCU.

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