ACCU 2019 Keynote Speakers

M Angela Sasse

M Angela Sasse image

Wednesday 2019-04-10T09:30+01:00

M Angela Sasse FREng is the Professor of Human-Centred Security at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany, and the Department of Computer Science at University College London, UK. A usability researcher by training, she started investigating the causes and effects of usability issues with security mechanisms 20 years ago. In addition to studying specific mechanisms such as passwords, biometrics, access control, and encryption, her research has pioneered approaches to engaging employees, consumers and more recently developers and board members to build more effective security and privacy solutions. She was been the founding Director of the multidisciplinary UK Research Institute for Science of Cyber Security (RISCS) from 2012-2017, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Academy on Engineering in 2015.

Herb Sutter

Herb Sutter image

Thursday 2019-04-11T09:30+01:00

Herb is an author, designer of several ISO C++ features, and chair of the ISO C++ committee and the Standard C++ Foundation.

Paul Grenyer

Paul Grenyer image

Friday 2019-04-12T09:30+01:00

Paul is the CEO at Naked Element and a founder and organiser of Norfolk Developers (nor(DEV)), founder and one time organiser of SyncNorwich and one time ACCU member and committee member. Paul has been working in the software industry for nearly 20 years and has 15 years of programming experience prior to that.

Having worked with all sorts of companies from small startups and SMEs to global investment banks and insurers, Paul has seen many different types of software developed in every way you can imagine, some which worked and some which didn’t.

Paul is also the chair of nor(DEV):con, the biggest software development conference in the East of England.

Kate Gregory

Kate Gregory image

Saturday 2019-04-13T16:30+01:00

Kate Gregory has been using C++ for over thirty years. She writes, teaches, mentors, codes, and leads projects, primarily in C++. Kate is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Visual C++ MVP, has written over a dozen books, and speaks at conferences and user groups around the world. Kate develops courses on C++, Visual Studio, and Windows programming for Pluralsight, is active on over a dozen StackExchange sites, and blogs infrequently.

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