ACCU Conference News

ACCU 2022 Information Coming Soon

By Bob Schmidt

3 June 2021

ACCU is starting preparations for ACCU 2022. Please watch this space for more information.

ACCU 2021 autumn cancelled

By Felix Petriconi

4 April 2021

After a longer period of discussions, Jamie Allsop and Archer Yates Ltd. have decided that they do not want to organize an ACCU 2021 autumn conference, due to the ongoing uncertainty of the development of the pandemic.

They hope that there will be an onsite event in Dublin in autumn 2022.

ACCU 2021 Keynote Change

By Felix Petriconi

9 February 2021

Unfortunatley we have to switch one of our keynotes. Patricia Aas is very unhappy that she is not able to give her on Friday morning. Such a change is very uncommon and we want to appologize for it.

We weighted different options and we are very happy that Clare Macrae agreed to give the keynote on Friday instead.

Clare Macrae

Clare Macrae image

Friday, 2021-03-12T09:00

Clare Macrae is an independent consultant, helping teams work sustainably and efficiently to test and refactor legacy and hard-to-test code. She has worked in software development for over 30 years, and in C++ and Qt for 20 years, and is now branching out to other languages. Since 2017, Clare has used her spare time to work remotely with Llewellyn Falco on ApprovalTests to radically simplify testing of legacy code.

She has enjoyed this so much that in 2019 she set up Clare Macrae Consulting Ltd, to focus even more on helping others work with legacy code. Before this, Clare was a Principal Scientific Software Engineer at Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. She is the original author of their popular C++ and Qt-based 3D crystal structure visualisation program Mercury.

ACCU 2021 Volunteers Wanted

By Felix Petriconi

5 February 2021

We need you to volunteer at the conference for two days which you are free to spread across the four days of the conference. In exchange, we will compensate you with a free ticket to the conference (which doesn’t include access to the workshop sessions held on the 9th or 14th March). Please also note that while volunteering at the conference, you are allowed to attend talk sessions as long as you are still available to perform the responsibilities that are associated with your assigned role

HELP DESK - Volunteers man a help desk in Discord where they provide basic technical support and assistance to delegates and answer any questions regarding the conference and its schedule.

LOBBY - Volunteers will go around the different tables in the virtual lobby and check-in with the delegates to make sure that they aren’t having any technical or other issues and to also assist delegates in accessing talk sessions in Zoom.

EXHIBITOR HALL - Volunteers will check in with the exhibitors in the expo hall to check that their needs are being facilitated. If any exhibitor stands are empty, then you will also be encouraged to sit on them to encourage people to visit the exhibitors.

Please note that the DEADLINE for completing this registration form is the 16th of February. You will then receive an email the following day to notify you if your application has been accepted or rejected. This email will also contain instructions regarding how to attend your chosen induction session.

ACCU 2021 Schedule Announced

By Felix Petriconi

19 January 2021

The schedule for ACCU 2021 is now online!

To view the conference schedule please follow this link to the conference system used by our organizer AYA.

With up to a 50% discount on our usual fees in light of the conference being virtual, don’t delay - get your ticket here today.

Early registration discounts end at 23:59 UTC on 16th February, 2021.