ACCUConf Website In A Flask

12 September 2016

A month and a half ago we said we would "release early, release often". Well we released early, but it has been a while since we released anything – so not exactly often. However, a release has come, in fact it happened an hour or so ago. The core of the change is that whilst this blog and other static pages are still static and managed with Nikola, we now have a Flask wrapper and driver for the material. We also have a single style across the static and dynamic pages. The blog will have entries added as and when. Other static pages will be added as appropriate. The dynamic stuff will be the submission of session proposals, and their review. This is the next thing to be put in place, along with more (and better) styling. So this is a website that is going to grow somewhat organically. If you find any problems or have any suggestions (preferably backed by pull requests!) please checkout the repositories for the Flask stuff and the Nikola stuff on GitHub.

In other news, the site is now always HTTPS. Whilst this is probably not necessary for the static material, it is will necessary for the session proposal submission sections. It seems easier not to switch back and forth between HTTP and HTTPS, so it is HTTPS always. Hopefully this meets with people’s approval.