The ACCU Conference Website Emerges

By Russel Winder | 27 July 2016

In previous years the ACCU Conference website was just a part of the ACCU website using the same content management system. This year we are branching out and creating a website for the conference that is separate from the main ACCU website. As many of you will know the ACCU website has moved and completed changed infrastructure, it is this revolution that has enabled separation of the technologies for the main website and the conference website.

The conference website will principally be a Flask/Python3/SQLAlchemy/SQLite3 system but with the blog and static pages being Nikola managed. Clearly this is an experiment. But we are going with "release early, release often" so we are putting the Nikola blog and static pages up now so as to get assistance designing and styling the pages and preparing the ground for the dynamic section which will handle session proposal submission, proposal review, accepted session scheduling and rendering of the programme, speakers, and session blurbs.

This website is almost certainly going to change style and structure as well as content on a fairly regular basis.

If anyone wants to get involved in helping bring this infrastructure to fruition in the few weeks we have, all help gratefully accepted, email