How to report harassment

Contact details for committee members who will handle reports of harassment will be made available shortly before the conference.

Should a harassment incident occur, please report it, preferably in writing. All reports will be confidential.

When reporting the incident, try to gather as much information as available. A committee member can assist you in writing the report or collecting information. Please do not interview people about the incident, but leave this to a committee member.

The important information consists of:

  • identifying information about the attendee doing the harassing;

  • the behaviour that was in violation of the code of conduct;

  • the approximate time of the behaviour;

  • the circumstances surrounding the incident;

  • other people involved in the incident.

Committee members will be well-briefed on how to deal with incident reports, and on how to further proceed with the situation. See these guidelines for more information.

Committee members will be happy to help participants contact venue security or the police, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the conference.

This document is derived from PyCon UK 2016 Code of Conduct which was adapted from PyCon US’s guidelines, which were in turn adapted from the advice from the Ada Initiative.

This document is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution

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