Redesigning Legacy Systems : Keys to Success / Lessons Learned

By Pete Muldoon

In this presentation, the focus will not be on code but on what most developers will face at one time or another and that is having to redesign and replace an existing legacy system.

Production code written in the "Dark ages" with a large user base is hitting its limits in terms of performance, testability and maintainability.

This talk looks at what determines when a product needs a partial or full rewrite. What tools and ingredients are needed before you start and how to get rolling. We will also examine the perils and pitfalls of the various stages in the redesign of a legacy system that can slow down or even derail getting the Product out the door and how to avoid them.

Finally we will examine how to navigate the nightmare of rolling this new software out to the existing user base.

Although the real world examples draw primarily on systems written in C++, the above can be applied to most any complex system being developed by a Team of developers.