KEYNOTE: Refactoring Superpowers: Make Your IDE Do Your Work, Faster and More Safely

By Clare Macrae

You’ve got to make a change, and the tests are passing, but you’re struggling to get the code to do what you need.

You think you can see a way…​ Maybe the code won’t compile for half an hour whilst you bend it to your will…​ And maybe your code reviewers won’t complain about the size of the change, taking them hours to review? And if you’re lucky and concentrate very hard, it will be OK. Won’t it?

As Kent Beck says, "Make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change."

This talk will show you techniques to be kind to yourself - and your team - by making seemingly complex edits in small, safe steps, with your IDE doing much of the heavy lifting.

You’ll be less tired at the end, and confident that the behaviour is unchanged. And users get the feature sooner - win, win!