Example Mapping: A Structured, Collaborative Discovery Technique

By Seb Rose

Is your team struggling with unproductive meetings and workshops? Are you unsatisfied with how your team comes together to refine requirements and specify solutions? Have you heard about example mapping and want to know more?

Specifying and delivering software is a process of discovery. No team has ever delivered a valuable product without discovering many things during the development process, but many teams struggle to get good at discovery. Matt Wynne created a technique called example mapping that has helped thousands of teams around the world use examples to reach a shared understanding of the problems that need solved. As a consequence there are fewer misunderstandings, fewer disagreements, and a smoother flow of value delivery.

This session will teach you what example mapping is and why it works. Through a series of practical demonstrations, we will explore the essential actions needed to prepare for, facilitate, and derive value from example mapping. This knowledge will then make it simple for you and your teams to adopt example mapping successfully (using the many excellent online teaching resources available) and adapt it to your specific context.