Contrasting Test Automation and BDD: an "Interactions Over Tools" Perspective

By Seb Rose

Test automation and BDD are related, but they are not the same. To get the most out of each of them, we need to understand the separate challenges that they address before getting engrossed in the tools that have been created to facilitate their adoption. And those challenges are rooted in the interactions between the different disciplines involved in software specification and delivery.

In this session we’ll explore what test automation and BDD are - and how they separately contribute to successful inter-disciplinary agile delivery. We’ll also spend some time describing how they’re different, and look at several typical examples of what can go wrong when BDD and test automation get confused.

  • This session includes some short exercises for participants, using Zoom break-out rooms. It is helpful if you could have a working microphone and (optionally) camera. *

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