It’s DNS, Jim, But Not as We Know It

By Jim Hague

Not so long ago, not much happened in the world of DNS. Certainly nothing that was of much concern to the average developer.

At ACCU2017 I reported on the state of DNS 30 years after the publication of RFC1035, the RFC that defined the internet Domain Name System. At the time there were signs that some important changes were beginning to gather speed.

In the last two years, what was a trickle has become a flood. Support for DNS privacy in the form of DNS over TLS (DoT), preventing snooping on queries, has gathered steadily, and is the default in Android Pie. Then in October 2018 IETF unleashed RFC8484, DNS Queries over HTTPS (DoH) on a largely unprepared world. This is poised for very rapid adoption by the major browsers. In late October 2018, it’s already in Firefox, and is widely expected to land in Chrome soon. DoH probably marks a seismic change in how and where name resolution happens, the full consequences of which will only become apparent over time.

In this session, suitable for all-comers, we’ll take a run though how DNS is changing, and bring you bang up to date with the very latest DNS technologies. We’ll look at what the impact of DoH is likely to be on your systems, and cover what, as a developer, you need to know about these new toys, how you can use them, and where to go to find the information you need should you have to navigate the 2000+ pages of DNS RFCs out there and retain your sanity.

And we’ll meet the DNS Camel.