KEYNOTE: From Nothing to Too Much: Growing a Tech Community in the East of England

By Paul Grenyer

In this hopefully light hearted and amusing keynote, Paul Grenyer will chart his journey from over excited puppy who needed to be hit over the nose with a rolled up newspaper to helping build one of the strongest and most successful tech communities in the UK in the massive tech hub of Norwich, still considered an insignificant back water by many.

He’ll start by asking the question, why Norwich and help you understand one of the most misunderstood places in the UK. How a disperate, but highly talented tech community was brought together and runs three tour de force tech events every year and countless other tech related events to become recognised by TechNation as one of the strongest independent communities in the UK.

Of course it wasn’t all plain sailing and Paul will look at the egos, politics and pitfalls of building a community like this. Just like so many of the software projects we work on everyday, there’s always more which can be done.