Fighting Git Workflows

By Victor Ciura

A medium size team, on a monthly release cycle, for a mature commercial product developed for almost 15 years. About a year ago we decided to join the rest of the Universe and switched from SVN to Git. What could go wrong there ?

Centralized workflow, feature branch workflow, GitFlow, forking workflow, OneFlow, No flow ?! Oh my ! To rebase or not to rebase ? That is the question.

Prepare yourself for an equal amount of stories, gotchas and workarounds, both on the developer side of things, as well as the DevOps maintenance nightmare of CI/CD pipelines for testing, validation, daily builds and other necessary gears.

Please join me for a quick tour of a blatantly honest case-study on using Git / GitLab and related tools in a dynamic development team. Spoiler: no unicorns here.