How Does Git Actually Work?

By CB Bailey & Andy Balaam

Many of us use Git to manage our source code every day, and rely on it to be fast, reliable and secure.

We are aware Git has a large number of powerful features, but often find it hard to remember how to use them. Instead, we rely on a small number of commands that get our work done day-to-day.

The key to unlocking Git’s most powerful features is understanding its underlying model.

In this session Andy will work with you to question CB mercilessly about how Git actually works, revealing the fundamental concepts that give it its power, and its - shall we say quirky? - interface.

This session will be guided by questions from the audience, but we hope and expect to explore areas like:

  • "Exactly what happens when I git add?"

  • "What really happens when I git commit?"

  • "Why does git checkout do so many different things?"

  • "Why are there so many ways to control line endings, and which one should I use?"

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