Building Modern Native Applications with Gradle

By Schalk Cronjé

Build tools are the cornerstones of software construction, but does not always get the attention they deserve. Build sciprts and recipes are many times constructed in a hurry without due care leading to suboptimal or brittle builds. This becomes especially true in the native space.

The session starts with the requirements of a moern build tool in the native space and then continues to show how Gradle fits in with this requirement. practical examples will be shown how to layout and build C & C++ programs, also leading to other native languages such as D, Rust & Go. it will also show how easy it is to manage polyglot environments and to build cross-platform or to target multiple hardware/operating system environments. It will also show how to integrate with other tools such as

  • GNU Make

  • CMake

  • Doxygen

  • Conan

It will also demontrate the power of distributed artifact caching.

it is hoped that the attendee can leave with a number of practical examples to get started with Gradle and thus reduce the learning curve.