Modern C++ Design Reloaded

By Odin Holmes

Many of the concepts presented in Andrei Alexandrescu’s book "Modern C++ Design" were arguably ahead of their time. Many of the concepts could not be effectively or cleanly expressed due to a lack of language features and the user was often exposed to too much complexity.

Now 15 years later we have many more tools. Now Alexandrescu’s as well as similar statically linking yet powerful and generic design patterns are proving invaluable in resource constrained and low latency fields.

In this talk I will share my experience creating "post modern" C++ abstractions for bare metal hard realtime systems as well as my work on the tools needed to provide sleek and sexy public interfaces for these libraries such as various improvements to template metaprogramming libraries, lazy evaluation techniques and named parameters.

I hope to add idioms and design patterns to any advanced programmers toolbox allowing them to more efficiently and more effectively abstract whatever domain they work in.