Writing Games in Very Modern C++

By Guy Davidson

The SG13 subgroup, HMI or Human-Machine Interface, seeks to offer a 2D graphics API to the standard committee. This is a considerable improvement on stdout when it comes to output from programs.

One advantage such an API offers is a standard platform for game development: currently, one has to choose from a considerable array of libraries and engines such as OpenGL, DirectX, SDL, SFML, and so on. The job of merely creating and displaying a window is deeply non-trivial.

This talk will consider the prospect of developing games using only standard C++. It will cover the options available for the single developer learning to write games, and how this may change with the adoption of this new API. It will include plenty of simple examples and consider how this might change how C++ is taught and how this increases accessibility to school-age learners.

We will also write a game together. Live.