Functional Programming for the Web with Elm

By Austin Bingham

Elm is a statically-typed functional language designed for building reliable web applications with “great performance and no runtime exceptions”. Elm compiles to Javascript, is easy to embed into existing websites, and has great Javascript interop, meaning that you can use as little or as much Elm as you want in your project. In this talk I’ll introduce the audience to Elm, look at its syntax and tooling, and show where it fits into the larger picture of web development. I’ll also discuss the prescribed method for structuring programs built in Elm, “The Elm Architecture”.

Elm has a great community and excellent documentation, so my goal with this talk isn’t to give a comprehensive lecture on the language. Instead, I want to get you excited about the possibilities of Elm, maybe pique your interest in functional languages, and ultimately get you pointed in the right direction so that you can confidently start to explore Elm for yourself.