WG21-SG14: The Story So Far

By Guy Davidson

WG21-SG14 is, at time of writing, the newest study group to be convened by WG21 chairman Herb Sutter. The purpose of this study group is to standardise improving C++ for low latency, real time requirements and performance/efficiency, especially for games, finance/banking and simulations. The group was convened in June 2015 after several months of lively discussion on an unofficial google group.

Issues which concern the group are:

  • the cost of exceptions, which violate the don’t pay for what you don’t use rule - the absence of contiguous-implemented containers in the library such as boost::flat_map and boost::flat_set - the provision of unstable_remove algorithms and raw_storage iterators

Other issues are emerging as discussions unfold (when we stop going on about exceptions). Study group stakeholders are interested in writing performant and efficient code by default: at the moment, many developers have to roll their own containers, wrangle the compiler settings and deal with obscure minutiae more than seems necessary. This talk will present the history and work to-date of WG21-SG14. If you are working in games, finance or simulations, or you are writing performance sensitive code, this should be of interest to you. Attendees will take away a deeper understanding of exception implementation and costs among other performance issues, as well as an insight in to how study groups work, how they are run and organised, and why you might want to contribute to one.

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