Lies, Damn Lies, and Estimates

By Seb Rose

Are estimates an essential part of project planning and delivery or a waste of everybody's time? As is so often the case the answer is neither and both. In this session we discover that there is more than one kind of estimate and examine how they are typically used in an agile context.

We look at what some of the great minds have said on the subject, from Steve McConnell to Demarco and Lister. We'll also consider the need for estimates from the viewpoint of the business people who have to decide whether a project proposal should receive budget. Picking up the 'No Estimates' discussion from Twitter, we'll see if there's a case to be made for always refusing to provide estimates or whether there are times that some sorts of estimation is valuable.

And we'll end by considering what Disraeli might have said on the subject.

I may not change your mind, but I intend to widen your perspective.

- Based on an article written for ACCU's Overload magazine

- With short practical exercises for attendees

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