The Art of Reviewing Code

By Arjan van Leeuwen

Making sure that the code you write is seen by at least one more person before it goes into production is a great way of increasing the quality of your code. One way of doing that is via code reviews, where code is being checked by peers or code owners after it has been written. Code reviews are gaining popularity again in many companies and communities.

It is also often an unpopular measure among developers and managers, for various reasons that have a lot to do with the time used to execute them and the fear that developers might have of getting critique on the code they created themselves. In this talk we first look at the advantages and disadvantages of using code reviews. We will then examine how to incorporate code reviews into existing processes. And we go into the fine art of giving and receiving code critiques: how much can be done in a code review, what types of critiques are useful to give, how to handle critiques that you don't agree with, and how to handle conflicts that might arise from this.