Cleaning Code - Tools and Techniques for Legacy Restoration Projects

By Mike Long

“Too big to fail” is not often a term associated with software, but many companies rely on large software systems that are business critical. Over time, the pressure of deadlines and other forces can reduce the quality of these systems to the point where it impacts business. When systems were small it was easier to push for a version 2.0 rewrite (this time we’ll do it right! With EJB!) but that is just not an option for most large systems.

This presentation will describe techniques for managing large legacy restoration projects. It will show how to create a technical roadmap and how to measure the value produced. It will show how to prioritize technical debt remediation tasks. It will show how various tools and techniques for visualizing different aspects of the development process. It will show how to put to use the psychology of change to keep developers and stakeholders motivated during the process.