Growing C++ Software Guided by Tests

By Alan Griffiths

In 2010 Alan reviewed “Growing Object-Oriented Software Guided by Tests” (by Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce) for C Vu. He said “This book inspires me to try harder [to implement TDD]!”

The inspiration lasted, and in early 2012 Alan joined a team at Canonical where the right conditions existed to put these practices into effect. This talk follows a project developing a C++ systems component.

Every organisation is different and, in addition to the common learning curves for team members (TDD, C++, C++11, OO, problem and solution domains) they were also faced with geographical distribution across timezones. Fortunately, with a bit of intentional practice, the tools for remote working are, at last, up to the job.

The talk will cover the organisational, process, and technological challenges and the solutions adopted.