Agile Anti-Patterns! Yes Your Agile Project Can and Will Fail Too!

By Sander Hoogendoorn

The popularity of agile software development processes and methodologies is imminent and fast growing. Many organizations and projects turn towards agile to help solve the problems of traditional software development. Scrum, extreme programming, test driven development, and lean are no longer the new kids on the block. However, with the rising popularity of agile, mainly due to lack of experience, or management over-expecting results, the coming years many agile projects will fail miserably. Agile is not the silver bullet.

In his enthusiastic style speaker Sander Hoogendoorn, global agile thought leader at Capgemini and involved in agile projects since the mid-nineties, will demonstrate the differences in traditional and agile projects, and show why agile projects will fail – independent of the process used. Sander will elaborate on a series of agile anti-patterns that people will recognize immediately. Think of the Scrumdamentalist, Agile-In-Name-Only, the Pseudo-Iteration, Guesstimation, the Bob-the-Builder Syndrome, Parkinson’s Law, the Agile Project Manager, and Student Syndrome. Of course with many embarrassing examples and anecdotes from real-life projects.

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