Move Semantics, Perfect Forwarding, and Rvalue References in C++ 0x

By Scott Meyers

From a performance perspective, the most important new feature in C++0x is move semantics, which makes it possible for compilers to replace costly object-copying operations with less expensive "state movement" operations. This session explains what move semantics is, how it affects program performance, and how programmers can control it. It also examines another new C++0x feature, perfect forwarding, because effective use of move semantics takes advantage of it. Finally, it takes a close look a third new C++0x feature, rvalue references, because that's the foundation on which both move semantics and perfect forwarding are built.

All three features explored in this talk are available in current compilers from major vendors (e.g., Gnu and Microsoft), so C++ developers will be able to put the information in this presentation to immediate use.