Ongoing Site Changes

By Bob Schmidt | 9 August 2023

As you have no doubt already seen, there is a new feature on ACCU's website - a privacy pop-up with options to accept non-essential cookies containing personal data and the sharing of your IP address.

The pop-up is required by the EU's GDPR, which mandates that web site users have the ability to affirmatively opt-in to process their personal data.

A new requirement, as found by a German court (LG München I, Endurteil v. 20.01.2022 – 3 O 17493/20) prohibits a website from sharing a user's IP address without the user's permission. Accepting the sharing of your IP address will restore the thumbnails on the video pages, and some book covers on older reviews.

ACCU's new Cookie Policy can be found here. ACCU's Privacy Policy can be found here. Both are accessible via links on the pop-up. You may change your permissions at any time through the button at the top of the Cookie Policy page.

Your Privacy

By clicking "Accept Non-Essential Cookies" you agree ACCU can store non-essential cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

Current Setting: Non-Essential Cookies REJECTED

By clicking "Include Third Party Content" you agree ACCU can forward your IP address to third-party sites (such as YouTube) to enhance the information presented on this site, and that third-party sites may store cookies on your device.

Current Setting: Third Party Content EXCLUDED

Settings can be changed at any time from the Cookie Policy page.